Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beautiful, inside and out.

My fluffy dress got its first outing, and I got around to taking pictures.

This is the most thoroughly 'finished' dress I've ever made.  The pattern is a modified tried and true, B5748.  This time I went with a gathered skirt to best utilize the border print.

The crinoline is built in, all the rough edges are bound, fully lined.  You name it, it's there.

I used double fold bias tape on the crinoline hem, which brought attention to its frothiness.

 I also added a stealth pocket, hidden inside a pleat in the gathering.  (see above, for intense pockety sneakiness) 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

baby things

No, not mine.  More presents for friends.   I know I've been gone a while.   I've been doing bits and pieces of various projects, mending and things I've promised to others.  (Greg's birthday shirt is about a year late...)   This is another very belated present (the baby in question was born in the middle of the January snow storm in Boston.) 

This is Butterick 4784, view B. 

 the bottoms of the legs just didn't want to be elasticized.  Otherwise, I'm happy with it.  I hope the mother will be too. (and that it fits the baby.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Me Made May - 15

This is just what I needed to start finishing the enormous pile of UFOs on my sewing table.

Granted, I wear me-mades almost every day (I'm wearing some right now) but I like the community aspect of the whole thing.

Has anyone else ended up with  pile of nearly finished, abandoned-for-winter-because-it-was-too-cold-to-fit-things?        (I should add, my apartment has lousy heating)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Popping up to say hello.

A combination of winter and the flu killed my sewing mojo for a while there.     I'm easing back in with  baby-blanket for a friend of mine.    Until I get myself sorted out, here is a large cat-beast.

Someday soon I'll also get pictures off all the things I made over the winter and didn't photograph, because it was too cold to go outside without 17 layers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

officially requesting summer.

30F, -1C   a good day for sundresses.

Does anyone else find themselves perpetually sewing things wildly out of season?

Granted, I currently have five projects ongoing (just counting the ones for me.)  (I'm getting really bad about taking pictures.   Almost half the things I made last year didn't get blogged -- but I should be moving again over the summer, and when I have a better space, I'm hoping to take more pictures.)

Anyhow - back to the main point -- I find I'm either sewing for a deadline, and finishing with moments to spare, or sewing for the sheer joy of it, months out of season.   Such is life.     Back to the dress - it is cotton gauze, and will be lovely in summer, but for right now is mostly just mocking me with its sheer floatyness.

It is a variation on V9053, the variation being I didn't have enough fabric and had to make up my own skirt.  So, rather than the large (seriously, HUGE, it requires 60 inch fabric) trapazoidal panels, I used gathered-but-smaller trapazoids with godets.


I'm slowly making my peace with gathered skirts.   I've found if they hit me in *exactly* the right place and the hem is much wider than the waist *and* the fabric something that won't bulk up, they are maybe not the heinous demons of unflatteringness I've often found them to be.

I'd go do far as to say, I think this dress will be  favorite over the summer.    I already find myself wearing it to dance around the living room and while imagining I'm tremendously glamorous, so it has that going for it.
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