Saturday, September 24, 2011


(There is a fabric related to point to this, I promise)   I live in a very old building - this can be both fun (servidoors) and profoundly irritating (everything is very very old) this occasionally manifests itself in the fire alarm system which cannot differentiate between steam and smoke and seems to take great pleasure at going off in the early morning hours.  Long story short (and I'd originally written quite a ramble) last night's 2:30am wake up, cat wrangling, and trip down 9 stories to stand in the wet, with adrenaline pumping and scores of pets getting nervous left me grouchy and on edge, as the last time this happened it went off three times in one night)    Anyhow, after getting back to sleep closer to 4, I woke up cranky and not in the mood to persue my usual Saturday activities, and decided that I wanted to go to the fabric store. (see! I told you!) Ostensibly, the purpose was something to muslin my coat with  and the fabric for my halloween costume, but of course, I went to Jomar.  If you aren't familiar, they sell off industrial remnants - so its possible to find lovely things for practically nothing. :)

 I ended up with two pieces of stretch lace and some white and red polka dots for undies (I seem to have caught the fever), yellow silky something and green gauzy something for my costume, a load of thick white something for the muslin, bright blue cotton gauze which screamed Tanit-Isis' grecian dress and a sparkly polka-dot rayon border print, and all for $40.75  (at a total of 22 yards, I'm pretty pleased with myself.)   I'm going to try to knock out the grecian dress tonight, as I'm still not in the mood for other people, and if luck is with me, I will be able to wear it out tomorrow when I rejoin the human race.

inevitably,  right to the fanciest one...


  1. What a wonderful hAuL!!! Sorry abt randOm Caps, its an iPhone symptom! Can't wait to see Grecian blue!!! And yes, Halloween intrigue!

  2. That is a pretty marvellous stash!! So much fabric! And, echoing, what are you planning for Halloween?
    (and thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes)

  3. Oooh! I'm with the cat! Love that pattern! Ah, I think I can almost beat you with the tired and up yesterday at 6am to get ready for the craft fair after sewing until 11pm the night before, did the fair from 10am-4pm, but was there from 9am setting up and then went to my sister's at 7pm to look after her kids so they could go to a party and then they didn't get in until 2am!!!! Grrrrrrr! Was very annoyed so can sympathise!


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