Tuesday, January 24, 2012

half circle skirt - doneski!

 Huzzah for the half circle skirt!  (My personal barometer for being myself again.)  Anyhow, following fun with the measuring tape and a cut out that matched my pictures, all was on track for a lovely project.   However, it turns out that taking ones measurements whilst still dealing with the after effects of very strong pain medication, and being sat upon by a cat, and consequently not actually getting off the couch lead to inaccuracy.  (go figure)  Happily, all of mine were too big, so I was able to trim things down a bit and used the excess to finish the seams nicely.   I feel this is an important lesson - if you can't drive a car, leave the scissors alone.  (random side note:  I knew not to trust me, and we hid them in the car before surgery, just in case I got "creative" )

 Anyhow, I'm very happy with the final result - except the lack of pockets, but I'm thinking about that one.

I ended up making a waistband with a strip of fabric the length of the waist and about three inches high - makes it looks a bit more finished.  

For the hem, I really didn't want a visible seam, so I used hem tape and hand stitched it to the body of the skirt with alternating colors of thread to match the pattern on the right side.  The result is nearly invisible :)


  1. You are Well and truly back this means! It looks quite fabulous and I've so enjoyed understanding the drafting. I want one for me !! By the way, even more impressed am I that you used two thread colours for hemming- such care abd attention to detail. You really are my hero!!

    1. Hey! Blogger has added a reply button. Not sure when this happened, but I just noticed.

      Thanks! ::stands tall in the manner of a super hero with cape flying::

  2. This looks so fabulous! Thanks for sharing how you create a circle skirt - I may give it a whirl! And bravo for using alternating colors of thread - that is a sign of a fantastic seamstress :)


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