Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fixing the back of the floaty-frankendress

Not sure how, but in cutting out the fabric, I managed to royally screw up the back -- the original plan had it coming all the way up to my neck, making the whole thing solid and an excellent support for the neckline... somehow the pieces ended up too short and without the correct shaping (I must have not transferred something) so I chopped them off and started afresh.

I still needed to support the neckline somehow, so I drafted a yoke that would wrap around the back of my neck and hold everything together.   (I also ended up dropping the center back about an inch or so - with the round yoke, the square back really didn't work.

Resulting in my fancy pants new back yoke!   

All of the binding was done with strips of self fabric I made with masking tape.   I generally find floaty stuff impossible to cut properly (probably part of what happened to the original back) and using the tape stabilized it enough to let me cut it without frustration.

Full pictures of the dress when I hem it - also that whole making a slip thing.  The dress is... rather transparent.

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