Tuesday, August 6, 2013

chop chop chop chop chop

pretty pretty squares. chop chop chop.

The scrap-busting quilt of awesome continues apace.   I've calculated that I need ~960 little squares (320 blocks) for the size I want.   I've got 318 cut out so far... so almost exactly one third of the way.  

 I've started to seriously envy quilters their rotary cutters and invisible rulers....

Anyhow, the real question now is if I have a sufficient quantity of scraps in the correct color scheme (bold/ saturated and either blue, green or purple) it may be a near thing -- but I also have the garments these scraps came from, some of which are rather old (think high school, college, etc) and don't get worn anymore. My skills at finishing have improved significantly over the past few years and my earlier (though beloved) projects look kinda.... home made.  And not in the good way.  Thus, I think they may take on new life in the quilt.  Seems better than rotting away in the closet or a garment bag under my bed, as I can't bear to get rid of any of them.

A question for you, hive-mind.  What do you do with old self-made garments?  Are you a pack-rat like me?   
bonus Pennicula.  Mighty Cat of Yore.


  1. Yeah. I have a hard time getting rid of unworn/old self made garments, too. They just sit in the back corner of a drawer waiting for me to decide what to do with them...

    1. exactly - the one I planned to chop-up, I'm now trying to figure out how to save.


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