Thursday, September 5, 2013

warm brown skirt + floor length hems

Excuse the sunset-ness of the pictures -- It was finally cool enough to wear this outside, so I dashed out as soon as I got home and changed.  Or we can pretend alien attack.  That could be fun too.

Anyhow, this is the first volley of my be-warm-with-options-other-than-polar-fleece campaign.  (Winter does get a bit monotonous) It's a self drafted 6 gore skirt, with a side zipper.   Its made of a thick woven cotton, with blue and white sewn (maybe woven, but it looks like stitching) stripes.  Its been sitting in the stash for ages, waiting for me to come up with something interesting.
 snazzy stripes.
 I've developed a fondness for floor length skirts lately, and getting the hem to the right length is a bit of a trick.   (I find about an inch off the floor is good - doesn't drag, but looks like it might)   Anyhow, to do it without help, I use my handy-dandy chalk marker on the lowest possible setting

Due to the stand, this still ends up being a few inches higher than I'd like, so after chalk marking, I go around again and add 3 or 4 inches (depends on the weight of the fabric) 

and voila! floor length hem!  In this particular case, I actually went with three inches, and then attached a hem band to the bottom.   This allowed me to use the band's seam allowance to anchor the hem, resulting in no visible stitches.   (the close up of the stripes, a few pictures up, is actually the interior of the hem.  I serged the end and whip-stitched it in place)


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