Sunday, April 13, 2014

pink eyelet dress

 It is wearable!     Not technically done, as the interior is a mess and the facings are basted, etc...  but as long as it stayed all zipped up and nice, no one could tell.    I felt sneaky.

hop - front
The dress was "done" with several hours to spare before the wedding - the past few weeks have been stupid busy.   I'm glad I started this about a thousand years ago, or ... well, it's not like I don't have a closet full of other dresses, so I can't really say there would have been a problem.

hop - side!
 When I redo it, I need to lower the armholes a bit....  the right one in particular was cutting into my arm all evening.   Based on pictures, the back also seems to be pulling oddly... so I'll need to check that.  (Basically, I'm taking this thing back apart... but... it will be better the second time around)

hop - back
 However, despite all my fussing, it was fun to wear.   I love pockets.  It was a good length / width for dancing - so I could spin without flashing seated grandparents.    (My date wore a kilt, and not being used to paying attention to such things, he Marilyn Monroed over a particularly strong air conditioning vent)

hop - dance!

The wedding itself was lovely - and the couple got lucky with not only a gorgeous day, but the cherry blossoms in full bloom for their wedding pictures.

Bonus Cherry Blossoms!


  1. It's gorgeous Allison! Great colour and as always fits like a dream. And no way can we tell that the insides are unfinished !! But how did you cope with the twirl factor of your dancing partner upstaging yours? That's a new one on me!!

    1. Thanks! I was actually okay with his twirl factor - I kept trying to spin him, but he used his superior height to fend me off and twirl me instead. So it kind of worked out.

  2. Yay for pockets! It looks pretty decent, but too small armholes is always annoying.

  3. Yes - MUST fix before I wear it again

  4. You always make me smile! You have such fun with your photos! I like the colour and the shape of the skirt. Good luck with the reconstruction of it, hopefully next time you wear it you can do the Marilyn Monroe instead of your date! ;)

    1. eh, I'd rather not have my skirt fly up in the air. also - thank you for the nice things about the dress :)


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