Thursday, August 21, 2014

Amanda's Moneta

I've been bad about posting lately....  (I can't even blame this one on the move.   Although having a parking lot rather than a garden outside my back door does cut down a bit on easy photo ops)   Anyhow - here is Amanda's Moneta.

For her wedding present, she specifically requested a jersey-dress with a gathered skirt, a sweetheart neck and pockets.  The next week the Moneta came out and I managed to get it all in except the sweetheart.   They jersey stretched weirdly and lacking proper stretchy interfacing, I went with the scoop.   

She picked out the fabrics - not a combination I ever would have come up with, but I really liked how it turned out.  Also at her request - festive pockets!   (with skirt fabric facing, so they are stealth)  Although the brown / pink color combo means that when looked at from the right angle, with all the folds, they end up looking a lot like labias. (not pictured, I have faith in your imaginations)  Which really just made the whole thing more entertaining.

Anyhow, now that I've distracted you - BEHOLD THE PRINT MATCHING.  Those stripes have about 6 different patterns going on, which I only notices at the last possible moment.  

So huzzah for Amanda and huzzah for her taking her own initiative to do a photo shoot and send me pretty pictures to put on the blog.  (Also, we're gearing up for RennFest.  More on that later!)  

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