Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat Waaaaaaaave!

Its been ridiculous here -  actual temperatures well  over a hundred  (37 for you wacky Celsius folks) with a heat index taking it up to almost 120 (48)   (This is thanks to the humidity)  Now, my understanding is that the heat index is made for a man of 5 foot 7 wearing a light jacket, and some other set of absurdly specific criteria, but needless to say, it has been HOT.   When the weather hits either of the extremes, I tend to go into hibernation mode and just wait it out, although I did manage to get a bit accomplished this week, but being my lethargic self, never got around to posting any of it.

side and sleeve coming together
Anyhow, I've finally started in on the next-big-thing-based shirt from Twinkle Sews - I did a fako FBA* prior to making the muslin, and it was nearly perfect - but had no real space for a seam allowance, so I ended up adding an inch to the length of the bodice all the way around.   I also decided to widen it a bit, which was an interesting experience, thanks to the wonky sleeves.   They are sort of gusseted, so I added about half a centimeter to each of the side panels and then to the 'end' of the sleeve itself.

approx. original lines marked in red
I have everything all cut out and ready to go, all that's wanted is actually sewing the damn thing together and I will have my pretty shirt. Now, as I am supposed to be traveling on business some time this week to a part of the country that is even hotter than my own, and considering very little of my wardrobe is appropriate for both intense heat and meeting customers, one would think I would sit down and sew it, since I think it will turn out to fit both categories.  But once again, we hit the intense heat-induced-lethargy.   (Its not that I don't have an air conditioner -- but they are little window units, trying their best to keep up with the weather, but I have to do my part by not moving around much.)  (Happily we had some rain an hour or two ago and things have become a bit more bearable.)

*I added an inch to the bottom, grading up to the sides,

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  1. Good luck! I've been rather lethargic in my sewing, too, despite having no extreme-heat excuse (my sewing room's in the perpetually-chilly basement). This is such an interesting pattern!


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