Monday, September 19, 2011

bum bum BUUUUUMMMMMMMM + Avast Ye! Yon Son of a Biscuit Eater!

Thunder! Lightening!  Other ominous things!  I may need to rethink the thinsulate interlining (which FedEx tells me will arrive tomorrow)   I was continuing my research into interlinings and methods of coat construction (a lot goes on behind the scenes here at the Fixation) and found this thread on pattern review -- specifically KY's post (7th one from the top) about her experiences using it, and I am now a little worried.    I knew it couldn't be directly ironed or dry cleaned,  but the description from the fabric store said it would be okay once it was inside the shell.   On the other hand, I've been wearing my current coat for about three years, and it may have been to the cleaners once... but certainly not more than that.   I'm very careful about not going smokey places while wearing wool, and if I intend to go anywhere dirty, I wear a ski-jacket I can throw in the washer.  So, realistically, it will probably be fine - but I'm looking for advice.   Has anyone used thinsulate and wool?  Am I better off saving it for another project and lining this with polar fleece as I had originally contemplated?  Lamb's wool seems to be the recommended alternative, but it looks a bit pricey, and I'm worried about it poking through the actual lining - wool itches, and while its warm and pretty, I don't intend to let it touch my skin anywhere.

Just remembered I have Claire Shaeffer's fabric guide (give me a break, I'm home sick today)   Anyhow, she says it can be dry cleaned.  I am feeling victorious, although I'd still love to hear from someone who's worked with the stuff.

I'd  also forgotten it was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so....   arr and avast ye land lubbin' swine!  Be ye knowledgeable abou' the makin' o long clothes? Is be desirin o yer thoughts, ye saucy wenches and scurvy scallywags!

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