Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fixing the Neckline - Pearl Necklace Style

Just off enough to drive me insane
 To my shock, horror and dismay I noticed the the center front was in fact tipped to the side while admiring my jacket in the mirror.  (I figure I can pass it off as 'checking the fit')

For a minute or two I contimplated leaving it, on the grand theory of who-else-pays-that-much-attention-to-my-clothes?  But I realized it was going to drive ME nuts, so out came the seam ripper, and away with half the seam.   I took in in about an inch at the neckline sloping down to nothing around the midrift.

even from right to left, but not up and down

As may be seen, this left the neckline a bit wonky and uneven, so I tried a technique I learned in a drafting class.    Put on a pearl necklace and pin around it, and voila! An even neckline!  Technically any sort will do, but little pearl ones tend to be close fitting and curve evenly.

ready for a collar! 

Really shows off my unevenly sloping shoulders, hunh?  Also, holy crap my neck looks long.   If giraffes made noises I would make some.   Currently trying to think of things I can eat to turn my tongue black.  hmmm....

Anyhow.   Even neckline, no fuss, no bother :)

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  1. Not sure if you have this sweet in the US but in Britain you used to be able to get sweets called black jacks and they would turn your tongue black! You can still get them in old style sweet shops...maybe the internet would yield some for you?

    Nice tip with the necklace! Looking good!


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