Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taming the beast

It all started with some slight warping on the neckline - the hem tape I'd used worked well, but didn't lay quite as flat as I'd like, so I decided to put in a filler section in the neckline (more or less where a camisole would go, but built in) to hold that sucker in place.    There was this particular white fabric that I wanted to use, so I dove into the stash... and dove and dove and dove and wadded and swam and paddled about a bit and couldn't find it anywhere.  However, I did find that I have just about everything else, and that I needed to do one of my semi-annual closet organizations.

Chaos - now tamed and under my iron thumb.
Whilst reclaiming my territory, I decided to snip hanging bits, and to get rid of the little bitty pieces that always manage to get folded into the larger sections of extra fabric when I finish a project.  I ended up with two large plastic bags full of snippets, which I intend to use to stuff the dummy, and several inches of space in one of my giant blue fabric bins.    

I also came upon any number of UFOs, which I'm thinking I will pop into their own post later in the week - but one truly mystified me.   In every other case, even if the project had slipped my mind, I still remembered it when I saw it, until I came across one all cut out, still pinned to the pattern pieces.   Its a navy blue lining fabric, and the pattern a regular sundress pattern I've used any number of times, and my best bet is I was planning on making a fitted slip --- but I have no idea why I would have chosen this particular combination.    Its a very full skirt, and the dresses it would match don't need anything.     And the fact that I can't even remember laying it out makes me wonder if I have been sleep sewing - nothing else explains it.

This whole endevour also made me realize just how much fabric I really have.  Thus, I am putting myself back on a fabric-fast, and the goals are the remaining 5 items from as of Jan 2011 stash-bust-part two and five more from what I've gotten since then.    Since this is totally arbitrary, I am exempting the fabric I need to finish  in progress projects (i.e. the coat, and the red tulle I still need to pick up) but have also decided to count the red polka-dot dress towards my goal.    (I love having a mature stash of awesomeness, but until I get a larger space, I'm going to need to starve the beast for a while.)

and on the subject of that self-same red polka-dot dress, here we have the hem tape facings.  (I ran out of fabric and couldn't do proper ones.)

I sewed it on, folded it over, and used two rows of zig-zagging to hold it in place.   I ended up not going with the white trim everyone liked, as I realized as cute as it was, it wasn't something I'd be comfortable wearing out and about.  The buttons were more me, and as I will almost invariably pair it  with a while cardigan, it will all work out.   The current problem is the back center seam.    From the pictures, it looks like I need to add a bit more ease, but there is quite a bit already, and IRL there appears to be too much.

To ease or not to ease?

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  1. Ha ha - sleep sewing! I wish I could! That would be a wonderfully economic way to use all available time. I too need to go on a fabric buying holiday, as I know realise I have no more room for storage too. (Just need to get the sleep sewing cranked up to quickly resolve that perhaps)
    As for your CB seam ... I don't know! I'm sorry, I am not confident yet at what I see - could it do with a bit of a downwards yank? What about above the waist - are there darts there? Do they need adjusting? You are such an impressive fitster that I'm sure you'll work out what's what, even if it is behind you ... (get it on your dummy?)


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