Monday, January 7, 2013

odds and bobs and fancy things. also cats.

gratuitous cat & sewing picture number 1

Actual sewing progress has bee made!  (but no relevant pictures - my camera is on its last legs and doesn't really want me to change settings anymore.  This includes things like the timer....)

Anyhow - I have sleeve zips!  I have single welt pockets with hidden zippers!  I've picked a lining!  I still need to order it!   (we're accentuating the positive.  stupid camera)  I've made a pocket bag pattern!

gratuitous cat and sewing picture number 2

I'm also plugging away at the hem of V2971 - the fabric kept getting sucked into the machine when I tried my rolled hem foot, so, its all being done by hand.   Good for movie-times.

Let's see - I've started playing with bra patterns /drafting  (I'm using Bare Essentials: Bras - so far I really like the book.  I'll do a full review when I've finished futzing around.  I need to get a different size of underwires before I can really tell)

gratuitous cat and sewing picture number 3

Oh -- and I'm supposed to be doing the historical sew-fornightly -- hmm.  must get on that.

Pictures of lots of things this weekend......    I will actually be home whilst there is sunlight and Kel has been informed that his camera is claimified.

In other news, Becky of Sew and So gave me the inspirational blogger award.   (Thank you!  It made my day) However, last time I got a prize, almost everyone I normally read already had it and it became rather tricky to deal with - so - I think I'm just going to let it rest here.   Rather than picking a particular set of people, I'd like to say that  the very fact this community exists inspires me.  (Cheesy, but quite true)  A few years ago, I had no idea that sewing blogs where out there.   The only person I knew who sewed regularly was my mother and neither of us knew much about seam finishes, how to deal with knits or all manner of fancy techniques.   One day I got an email with a few blogs listed and checking it out blew my mind.   There were people, all over the world who shared my hobby and would understand how excited I got over things - and I could talk to them!   It also caused me to start working on techniques  (I was shamed by your collective glory)  and I feel my skill set has really improved over the past two years.   So thank you to all of you.   Every single one.    So, it you haven't gotten the award yet and would like it, please consider it yours (leave a comment and I will link to you)

Anyhow, the rules of the whole shebang are as follows:
1. Thank the person who gave it to you
2. Add the award to your post
3. Share seven things about yourself
4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees
5. Include this set of rules
6. Inform your nominees by posting on their blog

So, here we go with my seven things ----
- I trash talk during bocce ball.
- I really love geodes.  There are several decorating my house.
- I am a life-time member of the Girl Scouts  (if you are still in it at 18, they send you a letter offering life time membership for half price - I have a card and everything)
- I like long-walks in indirect sunlight
- I make damn tasty lemon squares.  Other people are lucky if they get them  (omity nom nom nom)
- I studied Sanskrit in college for the hell of it.  (It was a blast, btw)
- I taught intro to rock-climbing while I was in grad school.


  1. That's ok about the award, I usually get these pretty late in the game myself!

    That's neat about the rock climbing. I used to go pretty regularly for awhile a few years ago, but it was too hard on my carpal-tunnel-prone wrists, and the group I was going with kind of fell apart anyway.

    I'll be interested to see how the bra-making goes from that book. I used to think I'd never even consider it, but it seems like everyone is making bras these days, so maybe it's not totally undoable?

    1. I had to stop for a couple of years for the same reason - I got back into climbing recently and have found that if I avoid crimps and pinches (which is limiting, but its better than nothing) the excercise seemed to be actually helping my arms. (I do have to be careful to not to overdo it and stop and a first twinge) but there is hope!

      I was also worried bra making would be tricky -- but the first muslin I did actually went together really fast. The fit was good- I just didn't like the shaping, but it covers that in later chapters. So far, I'd recommend it - much more information than a regular pattern.


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