Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dior Couture Robe du Soir Courte , 1955

I'm in love.

Decorated only with silk covered buttons which have been applied to accent the implied wrap-fronted styling of the bodice.  The skirt's fullness is achieved through wide and spaced pleats, with multiple layers of internal stiffened tulle & horsehair petticoats.  As one would expect from Dior, the interior is an array of magnificent couture workmanship.  Having a heavily boned and shaped internal corset with beautiful silk linings.     source

behold the neckline!

and underpinnings!

In my fevered imagination, I am making myself a copy of this dress (for the endless series of formal events and high society cocktail parties that fill my every waking hour, obviously) - but I'm not quite sure whats going on with the corslette.   It looks like there is some sort of this shoulder strap attached to the underpinnings, but looking at the neckline, there is clearly nothing on the shoulders of the wearer.   Looking again, it could be that the back of the dress is connected to the corslette with this strap, helping to support it, as the wrap around bit is clearly only connected at the front.  Between the boned back and that strap, it would certainly keep everything in place....    There also seems to be a rouge zipper in the bottom center of the picture. Haven't figure that one out yet --- any thoughts?

the side and underskirt aren't quite as visually stunning, but I figured I would include  them anyway.   This dress really is just that glorious.   Also, someone should invite me somewhere terribly chic, so I have an excuse to wear a dress like this.


  1. Definitely a gorgeous dress. After it's done, you should throw a fancy dinner party at your place.

  2. Hi how's things! I have been in love with this dress for a long loooooong time? How did u get on with the pattern? Did it work for you?? Would you consider selling me the pattern pls. Best regards Sara.

    1. Hi Sara, I'm afraid I never actually got around to trying this dress (life gets busy). but if you want to try draping it yourself I would start with an irregularly pleated circle skirt. For the bodice, it really looks like the front overlay is one piece, with the shoulder wrap being cut from the same cloth as the lower bodice. the shoulder wrap is longer and seems to tuck under the front, thus hiding the seam on that side.

      However, I really should give this one a try. Thanks for reminding me. If I get something (which wouldn't be for a couple of months at this point) I'll post the shapes on the blog.

      Good luck, and let me know if you pull it off!


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