Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 In Review

Finished makes of 2013:
Nine dresses, two pairs of pants, one shirt, two hats, four costumes, one skirt and a patch-over

 One quilt, one coat and a solid handful of dresses.

General Thoughts on 2013:
last year I had 26 finished objects - this year were only 20 - not bad, but I think there were a few too many aborted attempts or items I lost interest in.   On the other hand, this year also included a major injury, some significant life changes and a hell of a lot of traveling, especially lately.  So I guess it evens out.

My primary goal for the year was to make a bra - Got through the muslin stage, but it has fallen into the great UFO pile and needs to be picked back up.   I also wanted to conquer knits, and with four knit dresses and two shirts, I'm feeling pretty good about them.

Both pairs of action jeans, blue many paneled dress, blue lace dress, corn costume and the new year's eve dress.

Plans for 2014: 
-Finish the damn coat (all it needs is trim and a zipper)
-Baby blanket for the Steglette  (current plan is a pink and blue mariner's compass)
-Umpteen zillion more dresses from stash fabric (because, really... I need more dresses)
-A couple more pairs of jeans (these I actually need)
-SHIRTS (really really need.)
-Generally using up as much of the stash as possible, while fabric and pattern stashing to the greatest degree possible.
-Taking better pictures - after all the time that goes into my makes, I'd like to do them justice.

*for anyone following closely, the black dress in the bottom row never got blogged.  Most of the pictures turned out weird and I'm waiting for sun and above freezing temperatures.*

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