Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Red Dress

Behold the Birthday Dress! (yes, yes, I was going to do the purple one, but I just finished this, and I love it)

This is my 3rd time making up New Look 6557 -- but at time, originally, it just didn't thrill me. I "finished it" for the first time, months ago, would take it out of the closet every so often, and decide that no, it wasn't quite right. THEN, browsing about on Modcloth for ideas, as I often do, I saw the blue yo-y o dress and BAM I knew what I was going to do. (Which means I also get to count this in stash busting, as I used up almost all the red I had left over(!!!!))

Anyhow -- I pinned a lot of extra bits to the top of the dress, to simulate the effect, loved it, and started making up yo-yos -- and was bored. I liked the mush ... and then, on a whim, started mixing the two and loved it all the more.

Its a bit hard to see, but random 'pinnings' are interspersed with yo-yos in a sort of flowery, but not, kind of way.(This is in my version, the blue one seems to be solid yo-yos) (trust me, its easier to see in real life, with proper lighting, rather than my half dead camera. The nice full body shots came from Amanda's visit...)

Anyhow, with this, my tentative stash busting is at 7 (I still need to finish the jeans and line the crinoline... but we're getting there.) I'm also thinking of doing a shirt with this same sort of neckline embellishment, so perhaps that will bring me to 8. (Then with the dress I need for the dance show, and the red knit I need to do something with, I will be at 10 and win my very own game :P) (horray for me!)

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