Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ten yards of turquoise tulle

because really, what is more awesome? nothing.

The lovely amanda (center) came to visit, and of course we started playing with the crinoline. (really, how could we not?) It still needs to be lined, as the tulle is rather itchy, but its as full as can be a LOTS of fun to wear.

I ended up making it out of two 5" x 10yard strips, that i attached to ribbon with the gathering foot on my serger. I would then take the ribbon side (gathered) and start pinning it to the raw side (ungathered) of the opposite end, until I met and had two rows. (this is all with a single strip) I repeated this a second time, and had all four tiers. I decided it wasn't full enough, so I did the whole thing a second time, and attached then along one side. (as you can see in the center picture, it looks like Amanda is holding just one "piece". When i decide on a lining, I will also figure out a proper closure.. but until then, its fun with a safety pin.

plus, I STILL have ten yards of turquoise tulle :)

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