Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PAC MAN!!!!!


Our tale begins with a the glory of pacman and the sorrow of men's sizing.   For behold!  It is pacman and he doth nom all the things!  But he resides on a shirt most rectangular.

Sorrow.   Longing.  Inspiration.   

Okay... I'm done.   Anyhow.  This is your standard t-shirt re-fit to take a rectangular men's t-shirt and make it lady-shaped.    Unpicked the the sleeves and then plopped a shirt I wear often on top to get the correct sizing.  (The sleeves are tucked in to get the armhole placement.) 

Short story even shorter,  I cut the pacman shirt just outside the purple shirt (just enough for a seam allowance) and angled the hip down to the edges so I could keep the original hem.

Serged up the sides - pinned the sleeves back in (mild easing, but they fit very well without any alteration) and serged those too.

After trying it on, I decided the neckline was too high, cut it off, rolled the hem and proceeded to stretch the living daylights out of it with my zigzag.   Most irritated, but such is life.   Someday I will manage a sewn knit neckline with out doing something horrible to it.

but -- PACMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nom nom nom indeed! He's eaten away the excess fabric! Yay! :)

  2. YES. YESYESYES. I love Pac Man and the t-shirt looks fantastic!


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