Sunday, August 26, 2012

Various Technical Fabrics

 You may recall my blatant and ruthless abuse of gortex a few weeks ago ---   well, despite being quite pleased with the product, the price was a bit more than I liked, so I looked around for another supplier.  Well, I found one (SeattleFabrics) that offered an off-brand version of the same material as well as several others I'd never worked with but found rather intriguing, so I ordered sample sets.   The maddening thing is that the one set I really wanted -- the Ultex -- is back ordered and not in the package, so I'm still waiting for that one to show up....   However, in the mean time, I present an exciting swath of technical fabric fun!

Wicking Lycra

Think yoga clothes or long underwear for backpackers.    It comes is a gazillion colors as has a similar hand to thick cotton jersey.   Its a little rougher feeling on the inside, but still perfectly comfortable for clothing.


This is a water repentant fabric - I haven't put it through its paces like the gortex, but for a non-waterproof jacket, it seems like it would work well.   Their big thing resisting water without all the chemicals (and environmental impact) of the gortex types

1000 Denier Codura

This is the stuff suitcases are made of.   I'm trying to show you all the colors, but I am particularly fond of the brighter green I'm holding up.  I think it will be a bag *and* shoes.   Yes shoes.   I found  awesome soleing!

Reflective Materials
The silver and orange on the right side are all (there are in fact three, two silvers and an orange) reflective fabrics.   The others are ribbons or piping.   The top silver fabric is floppy and lightweight while the other two are quite stiff.    All items are very reflective.

various thickness of thinsulate and permaloft (the uber fluffy one)   I got these to gauge thicknesses -- permaloft seems like nothing so much as batting.   with a layer of something I can't identify on one side.   Their thuinsulate has layers of something on both sides (kinda feels like disposable diaper material) which would prevent a lot of the problems I had with it catching on things.    I also got a pre-quilted swatch --- its only done on one side, and the fluffy catch stuff side is still open.

 Clothing Mesh

at this point I may have been going a little sample happy -- but it worked out really well as in the very back (where you cannot see in this picture) there are samples of powermesh.  Its supposed to be great for lingerie.   The other materials are what you'd expect if you've ever dealt with a sports jersey.

Bag Mesh

This one included trampoline fabric.  I have no idea why -- but it is glorious.   It also has mosquito netting, so I have visions of a glorious trampoline in the middle of the amazon....

The other meshes are quite stiff and seem sports baggy to me.


  1. super interesting post! thank you for sharing

    I'm getting ready to sew a sports bra (first attempt.) Just wondering which fabric would work best for it. the Wicking Lycra?

    thanks again

    1. I think you'd be better off with supplex It's supposed to wick moister and have good recovery.


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