Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabric-Fasting, Stashbusting Event of Insanity!

I was cleaning out my sewing closet the other night.... and I am putting myself on a fabric fast.   With the exception of halloween and items needed to finish projects (linings, trims, closures, whatever) and I am not allowed any more fabric until I finish at least 15 projects.   This includes new, in-progress and UFOs.  I know.   But this is getting insane. and I have at least five UFOs languishing for want of minor finishing.

The rules:

-Any fabric currently in my stash is allowable - full piece or left over scrap.   There are no limits on the size (can we say polar fleece socks?  'cause I sure can)
-If I cheat (which I may, because of the whole choir dress debacle that goes on year after year) I add another three items to the stash bust per item of illicit fabric.
-If evil people tempt me (Mom) they will be mailed cat fur.   Don't tempt me.
-Items which use several different kinds of fabric still only count as one item (the point of this is to use what I have, not just to get the numbers)

Just pictured here there are 24 different pieces of fabric.   Not all are created equally in terms of usefulness - but I also have three large rubbermaid tubs and several shelves with more.

Anybody else suffering from an embarrassment of riches?  Got ideas?  I actually need pants and could use a cold-weather dress or two.  I may end up making a couple of the formal dresses just because.  I'm not so sure about gifts, as I don't like putting all that effort into something unless I know it will be adored beyond reason and measure, but who knows what may happen.


  1. Oh so familiar...oddly I still know that my burgeoning stash is unrepresentative of the fabric world and I already know there are gaps in " essentials" I'm planning for the autumn!! Good luck with your rigour. I'm going to try to be firm too, with maybe an odd exception for something "specific" !

  2. The cat fur thing cracked me up!

    I was making a serious stashbusting effort, too-- I was even tracking yardages in and out, and for the most part, I was doing pretty well with only purchasing fabric for unavoidable things like wedding gifts for friends and relatives where I just didn't have a good cotton print for an apron that would suit the brides in the stash. (And the raincoat I made in January, but I needed that.) Of course, then I got engaged and have probably bought another 30 yards of fabric in the last few months, between the dress I'm sewing for the wedding and some home decor type stuff I'll need to do for when I move into his place. But I think you have a good strategy there, especially since you're including WIPs--if you finish those up, that's 5 things closer to new fabric! Great motivation! ;)


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