Thursday, May 23, 2013

In which I am given saris!

The ever glorious, often demure and generally lady-like Anju recently told me her mother was planning on cleaning out her (the mother's) closet -- and was getting rid of saris.   I don't recall if she brought this up to offer them to me or just as a bit of news that was going on, but I immediately offered myself as a receptacle for any such garments her mother no longer wanted.  

Last night I got my grubby mitts on them, and I couldn't be more pleased.   (If you will believe it, I got a text a few days ago asking if it was 'okay' if they were silk.  I know.   Somehow...somehow, I think I will manage)  There are three - the first is a thicker, two tone blue with gold embroidery.  As with most saris (I say this like I knew ahead of time) the end which gets thrown over the shoulder has extra decoration.  Creativity will be required when deciding what to do with them. 

The second is a much lighter weight silk - more what I would expect a blouse to be made of.   This one is moss green with cream and brown.   There is about 2 yards of material in each sari (~6") so this one may end up as several shirts...  although I could also see a fancy summer dress.   I don't know....

And then there is this wacky one -- not only is it bottle green and hot pink, it refuses to rotate to the correct orientation no matter what I do to it.   I have absolutely no idea what I will do with it, however, I imagine someday it will be perfect for something.  Its too crazy not to be.

Thank you Anju and Anju's Mom!


  1. Lucky you! I have a skirt made from a recycled sari that I bought at a random hippie store when I was in college, and it's still one of my favorite clothing purchases ever. They have such great textiles, and I'll be looking forward to seeing how you use them!

    1. awesome! I haven't a clue yet, other than I'm leaning toward a dress with the green. we shall see!

  2. Demure and lady-like? Are we talking about the same me here?

    1. I was wondering how long it would take you to spot that one :) how about demanding and lizard-like? or..... demonic and ..I can't think of a good 'l' hrmm..


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