Sunday, December 25, 2011

altering a pencil skirt

The Festive Miniature Alpaca of Winter Joy
Merry Kwanzmucka, other winter holiday or your choice, or Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us.

I don't think this really counts as a refashion -- just a regular old alteration.    The story of how I ended up with this particular skirt is a bit ridiculous, but revolves around no one telling me we were going out to a fancy dinner until *after* I got off the plane....

Anyhow, RTW skirt!  with purple!  (I do like purple)  Which I didn't move around enough in while trying it on, because, holy crap, it didn't fit.   When I would do crazy things like walk across the room or sit down, it would ride up, and then stay that way.    I loathe tugging on my clothes, so this had to be fixed.      I detached the waistband from the front of the skirt, put it on, and then walked around and let the skirt ride up the inch or two to where it really wanted to spend its time.  I then pinned the waistband back down and ta da!   Fits properly!   (I had to make some minor modifications to the side seams to keep them from puckering, but it was just a case of following the fabric.)

^--In both cases this is post wandering around  -  soooo much better  ---^
yaaaaay I can move!!!!! (!!!!!!!)

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