Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zipper induced contemplations...

I went down to my trusty zipper source this afternoon, expecting to find an exact match for my lovely turquoise fleece - but alas they had none.  Half a dozen shades of blue, but none were particularly close -- so I got a couple in coordinating colors to see what worked, and I have to say I'm just not thrilled.   Once upon a time this pattern was V1040, a very fancy suit jacket pattern from Badgley Mischka.    So, I tried overlapping the front and playing with a notched collar, and I kind of think I like it.  (I'm also starting to come around on vests - but this was the only picture that wasn't fuzzy and was before I remembered to pin the sleeves back on.  But the more I look at, the more I like it as is...  most odd)

So, internet, thoughts on subject?   Costumey?  Fun?  What on earth does one wear with a turquoise vest?


  1. I think I like it with the sleeves on, but then I'm not a vest person! There is a zip shop on Etsy I've heard good things about, here's the link: hope they have a matching zip for you!

  2. It's a lovely shape, and I'm not sure how I'd wear a turquoise vest either. I'm flummoxed and don't have anything I can add!! It is a conundrum!! But then you have so much fun with clothes, if there's an opportunity with your existing wardrobe you'll find it, and if you haven't you know you can make it!

  3. Send me a close up pic of the fabric with true color and I'll be happy to check at G Street for a good match. I can bring it Friday. What length do you need? I also vote for long sleeves.


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