Monday, December 19, 2011

New Look 6000 - Muslin 3

There was a question the other day about transferring edits on a muslin back to the paper pattern, so I'm going to go through the whole gory process.    

For the front, as I was switching from the gathered to the ungathered version, I angled the pattern piece to match the appropriate section, and traced the alterations on.  For the back, It was more or less as it was, so I traced them on, added the slash and spread and the length, and then took in little tucks here and there along the skirt to make it lay flat.   As you can see on the front piece (the one on the left with the black tissue paper) the line which was supposed to be on the fold became distorted, so I added in more tissue to even it out, and ended up taking that extra space out in the under bust dart.

As for the muslin itself - I ended up leaving the side bust as it was, significantly deepening the under bust dart -- to the point that it now reaches the hem.   Perhaps not an ideal full bust adjustment, but I think it looks nice and still fits the 60s-ish theme of the dress, so I'm going to go with it.  The odd pull in the skirt on the back view is the pinned down kick pleat.  There is still a bit of weirdness around the shoulders, and I haven't yet decided what to do about it.  On the side view, you can see I ended up deepening the back dart a bit more (I have crazy sway back and an ample bottom, which always makes fitting interesting)  There are still some diagonal pulls that seem to show up on everything I do......  will have to look into those.

 Now, normally, I would call this good and make minor adjustments on the final, but a certain scruffy person has been going on and on about how I fit things, so I'm going to try to actually fix those evil side pulls and maybe even do something with the shoulders.  ( troublemaker.  yes, you.  )


  1. Good Job! thanks for explaining about transferring muslin edits back to the paper pattern.

    The pictures are really helpful to see how the original pattern pieces get modified.

  2. Allison, it's getting there - but you are just SO super patient & diligent. I like what you are doing with the skirt - a wonderful adaption! Great explanatory post (& all those alterations make your tissue pattern so pretty :-))


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