Wednesday, June 20, 2012

grumble and groan

Never have I been so lucky to have the attention span of a stunned meerkat.   I'd gotten the bodice to fit properly, and rather than sew it all into place, for whatever reason I decided to put the skirt together and pin it on to see how the whole thing looks.

The midriff is about an inch to short and the 'waist' is floating about an inch above where it ought to be.   Proportionally, I'm a little short waisted, so taking that sucker even higher just doesn't suit me.  Happily I have just enough fabric to cut the relevant pieces out again.  (just enough... millimeters to spare)

I'm also not entirely sold on the pleated skirt thing... but I'll revisit that when its hitting me at the right place.  ::grumble grumble groan groan::



  1. Ok so you're making tweaks, the bodice looks great and I think It's looking really promising!!

    1. yeah, I'm just being fussy. Its just maddening to be almost done and have to scramble because I didn't measure properly the first time. thanks, though :)


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