Sunday, June 10, 2012

half a dress!

Apparently, I'm operating in a time-warp, because its officially been a week, but I would swear its been more like three days.  

Anyhow, current progress on the bodice -- the top half is sewn up (except for the bust darts which will actually be gathers) and the midriff is pinned on as I play with the fit.     It looks fine in the pictures, but when I was turning the bust dart into gathers  (post picture taking) something slipped and it ended up with an inch or so more ease than I wanted.... so that will have to be fixed.

Other than the fact that my shoulders are clearly different heights, I'm liking this thus far.   And really, my wonky-self is not the dress' fault.  

Next step - get the rest of the bodice sewn up, then on to the skirt!   (I plan pockets!)

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  1. The color is lovely! I'm excited to see the finished bodice :)


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