Monday, June 4, 2012

a little more standard

It seems the moment I decide to do something, I'm immediately captivated by something else, at least when it comes to sewing.  I've long since learned to just go with it, and at the moment that means ignoring my UFOs in a most profligate manner and playing with something completely new.    The project of the moment is M6503, view D -- but without the sleeves.  

Fitting was surprisingly easy.  I did my standard FBA in tissue and ended up taking it out in the muslin.   I raised the bust line about an inch all the way around (marked in pins...) and took in the sides.   Other than that, I left it alone.   This *never* happens.  I didn't get any pictures of fitting the midrift, but it too just ...worked.  I think this pattern is magical.

 Although I'm not so sure about the instructions -- the collar and front button placket aren't actually supposed to be sewn on the inside, just pressed and sewn top and bottom.  I'm convinced I'm missing something, but I've read the pertinent section of the instructions a few times....    However, I plan to ignore them and will hand stitch it.  (Maybe avoiding this is how the pattern gets marked 'easy'.  Je ne said pas.)  
Anyhow, admire my lovely fabric!  The picture doesn't do it justice, but its a medium weight cotton shirting with a dark teal warp and a deep purple weft.

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  1. Ive been eyeing up this pattern for months!! Im looking forward to seeing your take on it. The Urban Rustic (Catherine) has made a few, & I see that Gertie has just posted her version ...
    Like I said, really looking forward to yours :-)


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