Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not even slightly sewing related -- but it's Tau Day!!!

my contribution to this festive occasion: key lime* and pecan
 "What?" you ask, "what could this be?"    Ever heard of Pi Day?   March 14th (3.14) when all the math enthusiasts go out for pie?   Well, Tau is 2Pi -- and thus June 28th.   However, it is more than just a day to eat two pies (although that is an important part of the celebration) its actually a much more sensible constant that makes geometry make a LOT more sense.   To find the circumference of a circle one multiples pi by the diameter .... but no one ever uses diameters, we use the radius ... which makes it 2*pi*r.  Not the biggest deal, but if you've ever tried to map the sine wave of a unit circle, you know the insanity that is pi.  But tau... tau*radius = circumference, and BAM geometry works in the clean, simple and elegant way it is supposed to.   Check out the video for a really good explanation of just whats going on here.  Amaze your friends!  Astound you enemies! Overwhelm random passer-by!   ('Cause its 2 * Pi!)   (I crack me up.)

*made with key-limes and decorated with persian ones.  Don't worry.  I know what's what :)

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  1. Hysterical, delicious-looking, and yes, very much related to sewing because of all the math involved.


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