Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chalk Bags!

I haven't gotten around to hemming the purple shirt -- but chalk bags!!!!!   For those of you I don't know in real life -- I am a climber.  Not much of one lately as I hurt my arms and neck a while ago, but I've started back up.  Anyhow, I was going through my gear and found my chalk bag has escaped -- basically a pouch full of chalk one wears whilst climbing to counteract sweaty hands.   So, I made one - and in fact, made two, so my climbing buddy could have one also.  (Really, she was buying chalk and they were charging too much for the bags, so I told her I'd make one if I could have half the chalk.   So... not quite dirt-bag climber as really I had the more intense side of the bargain, as a bag of chalk is all of $4.   But the ethos is there. :)      Anyhow, they are made of old umbrella fabric (one was polka dots the other was rainbow solid colors)  both are double-bags joined at the top by the strip of colorful fabric that acts as a drawstring.   I also added zipper patch pockets to the front for lip balm / keys / whatever.    I was about to start pointing out the flaws - but really, its a sack for chalk.   It successfully prevents gravity from having its way with the aforementioned chalk, holds my chapstick (I am an addict.....I really ought to buy stock in burt's bees) and is polka-dotted.   I am content. 

Action shot!   Mine is clipped to my belt loop.


  1. That is awesome! I love the action shot and wouldn't have known about the whole chalk thing. And making out of umbrellas - creative!


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