Monday, February 20, 2012

Geometric Black Lace & Copying RTW

She knows her fabrics
I've been looking for a non-floral black lace for a while now, and everything I found was either crazy expensive, not very pretty, looked like it should be applied with a glue gun and glitter or all of the above... and then today the gods of fabric smiled upon me!   In the 50% off bin were four yards of this lovely lace.   Its a bit more drapey than I was hoping for, but as its planned as an over dress, the slip can take up the slack.  (click on the picture to get a better view.)

While I'm obviously not pulling off the dress to the lower left, something on that general theme is more or less what I have in mind.

don't remember where I got this image from...

The actual reason I went to the fabric store was for some thread and a couple of knits.  I wanted dance shorts (black knit not shown -- not too exciting really) and to copy the red shirt in the picture.   I think the lines will work well with the purple-plaid-pencil, but the color just isn't the thing.   (Conversely, I have a number of shirts that are the right color, but the styles are all wrong.)  What I particularly like about this top is its lack of bindings -- rather than put in a proper neckline the designer doubled over the fabric, taking all raw edges down to the waist line.    Only the outer layer is properly finished, allowing the inner to lie flat against the body -- so not only is the entire effect very smooth and clean and leave that much less space for me to screw it up, but its extra warm too!

Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!
the purple will become the red, and go with the plaid!  (or I suppose, more properly, tartan)


  1. Replies
    1. no kidding. the 'I don't know where I go this from' is a caption on the black lace dress, as I like to source things when possible.

    2. Totally amazing dress, that lace looks the part. But you talking about that top's construction is really intriguing! Good luck with the sewing puzzle!

  2. That's such pretty lace! AND 50% off! My word, the sewing gods were smiling on you weren't they?? ;) Happy Days!


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