Saturday, February 4, 2012

zipper pulls

Just got back from a First Friday art walk thinger, and I am very excited and want to share :  Zipper pull earrings!  My first thought was -- I could totally make those myself.  My second was, sure, but when are you going to get around to it -- so I got them.    From far away they don't look like anything in particular, but they will keep me entertained.   (I am going to have to add a layer of glue or somesuch to the interior of the ring -- whenever I move my head they shake and the noise is remarkably irritating. I think if the metal is covered it won't be such a problem.)

And then because it is pretty, my new lovely teak bowl.

  And a quick follow up for yesterday's post... drafting that sort of dress is actually quite easy with a dummy -- here is the original post I did on the subject.  But the short version is that I put a pillowcase over the dummy, sewed it tight, ignored the seams and drew on the ones I actually wanted, cut it off and used those for the basis of the pattern.

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