Thursday, February 16, 2012

multi colored and paneled dress of joy

 This is well on its way to being my favorite dress -- and I've never actually worn it out.  Its twirly! and realllly twirly!  and doesn't need a belt to hold it in.  (the blue dress - wonderful as it is, was made of old bed-sheets which lack the stretch and recovery of whatever this is.)  

I ended up using self fabric binding for the neckline, arm holes and hem, which worked out nicely both in terms of the weight of the material, but also because the crazy all over the place pattern meant that when no single section was long enough to cover the hem, I could patch a few together and not even I can tell without really looking.   The length was a product of the amount of material I had, usually I take my skirts an inch or two below the knee, but due to a shortage of skirt this one is about a centimeter short of covering my knee cap.    I think it may actually be a mroe flattering length (have I mentioned I am in love with this dress?) and plan to aim to hit the same place with the next one.  (Yes, there will be a next one.  I want this dress is ALL THE COLORS!)  So you may wonder, can an inch or so really make that much of a difference?   I'm going to have to go with yes - yes it can, as its all about proportion. Not that I'm following any geometrical rules that would make it perfect (although now I think I may try something.  The golden ratioFibonacci, hrmmmmm this could be very interesting indeed.) but I think it works.  (have I mentioned I love this dress?)

[several hours later]

I was so pleased by the twirl I was going to make a video to post (it really is just that twirly) but my camera battery died.   Since then I've been cleaning, have showered and am in pjs and as I went to post this, it stopped charging --  mocking me with its little red light.  So, you will just have to take my word on it.


  1. So glad you've finished it! Can't wait for the twirly video! hehe!

  2. Allison its SO flattering. What an amazing fit and shape. no wonder you want to make a veritable rainbow. Go twirl girl!


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