Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does this count as 'upcycling' ?

Behold! Old jersey sheets! Tattered and stained and not really suitable for use anymore, so, what are they now? my dress! The only really problem is the over the fullness of time, the bottom sheet got washed more often than the the top, leaving them slightly different colors.... However, me thinks if this ends up fitting, I will pop it in dye, and no one will be the wiser. Except for the fact that I am posting this on the internet....

anyhow.. a few minor modifications to come. I didn't get the shoulder right, and the skirt really isn't as full as I'd like it to be. Once I get all the primary pieces cut out, I will see how much I can turn into godets. I do enjoy experimenting.

Now, for the MMM finale: The dress that started it all!!!! This is not to say this was my first project, nor even my first wearable garment. I've been sewing ever since I could hold a needle, and when I was seven I made a skirt that I wore around. I made clothes and costumes (as in full on Elizabethan gowns) in high school, but this dress, made right after I graduated from college, was the first thing that was a real day-to-day garment that didn't look homemade. (I'm drawing a distinction between homemade and handmade, i.e. that random strangers can't tell sewing is my hobby.) (thinking back, it may have something to do with the fact that I FINALLY read the directions for the invisible zipper and put in it properly. Also... interfacing..) Its also a batik, and a fabric I bought the summer I was working at G-Street. (New Look 6557)

And as you may wonder how I, who has complained about the weather every day for weeks pulled off a sun dress... I will share my secret.. yoga pants.Fold them up over your knee, and no one will ever know. Since they, like the skirt are cotton, there was some major static, so today was actually a two-fer, with my choir skirt (me made!) acting as a slip.


  1. I think that dress is going to come out great. Also I think you need to make a pillow mace for your office to keep uppity co-workers in line.

  2. they banned nerf weaponry... (managers used to call out strikes on each other) I wonder...


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