Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thats right, I make dresses with quilting cottons!

So, technically its not warm yet... but I love this dress, so I wore it anyway. Its a frankenpattern, as so many are -- more specifically the bodice is a modified Simplicity 2884, and the skirt is McCalls 5292, which I find to be quite full enough for every day wear. The modification was changing the back from a standard halter to crossed straps. I just find it more comfortable not to have pressure on the back of my neck all day. Also, although you cannot see it, there is a side seam pocket on the right side around knee level. I loves me some pockets.

The fabric itself is a cotton batik -- as it gets warmer, you may start to see my adoration of them (technically the fabric from the red dress is made by salting the material after its been dyed, but really, I get them from the same section of the store, so I'll lump that one in too)

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