Monday, April 8, 2013

The opposite of bopping about

Well, so much for the wacky changes to the blog.    I think I'd need to spend more time actually playing with HTML to get what I want.

Anyhow... sewing?  yeah.   So, I mentioned a little while ago that I screwed up my knee... well, its still not playing nice and it turns out I stand a *lot* when I sew (fittings, tracking things down, moving between surfaces, you name it) so there hasn't been much going on.   Most of my sewing is theoretical and revolves around how I could get away with flouncing about in things like this on a regular basis.
Sheer and white, with a train --- not sure how it could get more impractical.

On a slightly more practical note, I seem to have developed a thing for ruffles and layers.
seems to be from a Burda preview that has escaped

The Burda skirt really looks like a regular A-line with a rectangular layer plopped on top.   I've gotten it in my head that is *must* be dove gray cotton gauze, which of course I cannot find.  So, we shall see.   Perhaps light weight regular cotton....

The other skirt is actually a children's pattern from Violet Fields Threads, but I rather like the concept. It also looks fairly simple to create, with an A-line base with a few layers of ruffles (at least in front) and a cut-away wrap skirt on top.

As we all know, a crinoline is standard part of one's daily outfit these days.....   nonetheless, I love the layering of the colors, with the bright inside and the muted outer fabric.   Something like this may have to occur as well.

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