Sunday, October 2, 2016

cats strolling about and a new sewing space.

My blogroll is gone, and I can only assume it is a casualty of cats strolling across the keyboard.

In more exciting news, we've moved, I have an enormous sewing room (with walk in closet and full bathroom -- it used to be an in-law suite) which I will have pictures of soon.

While I'm intensely annoyed by the loss of the blog list, I'm also kind of impressed that cat-strolling was able to accomplish it.  

I could remember the actual names of about half the blogs (some are tagged in my head as things like "that-French-lady-from-one-of-the-me-made-months" and I have no idea what the blogs are actually called -- so if for some reason, you happen to know what was there, please let me know.   Also, any particularly interesting people I should be following, but wasn't.   Thanks!

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