Sunday, October 2, 2016

cats strolling about and a new sewing space.

My blogroll is gone, and I can only assume it is a casualty of cats strolling across the keyboard.

In more exciting news, we've moved, I have an enormous sewing room (with walk in closet and full bathroom -- it used to be an in-law suite) which I will have pictures of soon.

While I'm intensely annoyed by the loss of the blog list, I'm also kind of impressed that cat-strolling was able to accomplish it.  

I could remember the actual names of about half the blogs (some are tagged in my head as things like "that-French-lady-from-one-of-the-me-made-months" and I have no idea what the blogs are actually called -- so if for some reason, you happen to know what was there, please let me know.   Also, any particularly interesting people I should be following, but wasn't.   Thanks!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Continuing forward

The blog hasn't shown it, but I've actually been doing quite a bit of sewing.  (Also packing and cleaning, as we're getting ready to move, but that's another story).   I got pregnant fairly soon after our wedding, and started in on maternity sewing, but I wasn't ready to announce anything until I finished the first trimester.   Which didn't happen.   

For me, just acknowledging the miscarriage publicly has actually been really helpful.   So many people have told me about their losses and subsequent healthy babies, and its been comforting (perhaps not the right word, but you know what I mean) to hear just how common this is.  Also, I've always felt secrets screw people up, and I try not to have any.  For several months, this was the biggest thing happening in my life, and I hope it will be again sometime soon.   For the moment, I'd like to share the projects I've been working on.

The pants are the only fully finished garment -- I had a pair that had been languishing in the project pile because I was too lazy to put in the fly and waistband -- so I decided to turn them into maternity pants, sewed up the front and popped on a stretch band.  (yes, the color is wrong, but I was trying to work from the stash, and this will force me to wear a shirt long enough to actually cover it up properly)  

Next closest is the rainbow dress -- this is simplicity New Look 6122  -- not actually a maternity pattern, but I figured empire waist, gathers and knit would carry me a ways into the second trimester and it would be great for a summer wedding we're attending next week.    Its been put aside for the moment, but I plan to finish it sometime soon, as the fabric is gorgeous (I'm a sucker for bright colors) and wear it later this summer.

The blue shirt is a self drafted tunic top, with side panels for extra space (i.e. I cut it too small the first time)  -- it still needs hems and things.

The red dress is McCalls 6074 -- also not officially maternity, but once again, empire waist, gathers and stretch seemed like a good plan for the early sections.   I also plan to finish and wear this one later this summer.

The swing shirt, Simplicity 1113, is another non-maternity co-opted to my plans -- its kind of tent like - so I think its going to wait for a hazy future day when I'm huge and I'll deal with it then.

I have the same plan for the other periwinkle shirt, Megan Nielson - Cara , the only actual maternity pattern of the bunch.   The things that are for full later in pregnancy will wait until I have made it to the second trimester and am closer to needing them.

We'll be trying again, when its healthy, so I'm hoping that I'll get the chance to use all of these some time soon, and can be a happy beach-ball of a person.      (Random thought -- 'trying for a baby' is really the only time when its 100% socially acceptable to inform whomever that you're having a lot of sex and have everyone congratulate or encourage you.   Heck, some of of my professors from college know, and so does the local rep for IEEE Connecticut.   Manners are an odd thing.) 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fancy Wedding Pictures!

Shocking no one, the professional pictures are far and away better than the ones taken on people's cell phones.

It was such a crazy day - and I still only remember it in snatches and bits

But I'm really happy with the pictures, and more importantly, beyond happy in my marriage.  (yes, yes, we're a month in.  But still.) 

Greg is pretty much the best.

and we are baked potatoes. or possibly burritos. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

..and we're married

All I have is cell phone pictures from friends and relatives -- but more when we get the fancy ones from the photographer.

This is one of the few that shows the sparkle --  I really dislike how most of the pictures have turned out - all those months of beading look like a lot of gray lines.  
Displaying IMG_1560.JPG
Displaying IMG_1560.JPG

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The beading continues

Don't mind me, beading onto a single layer of chiffon.  Very, very, very slowly.

The chiffon-only beading is happening in the center bust, due to the nature of the overlay, and all around the transition from the opaque section to the overlay.   It is... delicate work.   But I'm chugging along.

The plan is to have the top beading line mirror the area around my hips - with slightly variegated end points.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

even more beading

The blizzard was fabulous.   Canceling plans stinks, but soooo much beading.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

more beading

I've put together the upper bodice - so the next week or two are all about beading.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

final muslin!

The center front is peach instead of white -- don't be confused, this is still the muslin.   (Yes, I started beading early, I got excited, but the place that still needed work was the bust not the midriff... mostly...) 

Not much to say as this point, but behold!   Especially behold the wonky bathroom lighting!

Behold more!

Goodness, gracious, yet more!

In the meantime, I'm practicing my rolled hems.

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