Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Cometh


Had I found this slightly sooner, I could have copied her dress.....    live and learn.    

Anyhow - We're going monochrome, Greg is the jealous villain and I am the winsome young lass tied to the railroad tracks.    Everything we're wearing is going to be black, white or a shade of gray.    

The shots I have of my costume are all hideously unflattering and not going on the internet.    My outfit is a white eyelet overdress and a pale gray under dress with puffed sleeves.   The patterns are all being pulled an modified from modern stuff (I'll put in specific names when I have nice pictures to show what manner of crazy I pulled.)  

Greg's costume is rather more straightforward - and required a frock coat and vest.  (I may have decided he was going to wear a white shirt and black pants from his closet)   We used Simplicity 2895  - and when I say 'we' I actually mean it.   He chose all the fabrics used, helped cut out the patterns and the fabrics, did almost all the serging and a little of the actual pinning and sewing.    He was also coming up with plans for all the things he plans to make in the future.   I fully expect him to start doing his own projects over the next few months.

Other than the inevitable removing-four-inches-from-either-side that comes with anything for Greg - the coat was a pretty good fit right from the envelope.    It needed a little tuck behind the shoulder, but was otherwise good to go.  

the other main part of his outfit is going to be a gray paisley vest for some much needed gradation in this otherwise all black outfit.   Mine was having the same problem - except all white. I'm hoping the underdress (still but a twinkle in my eye) will sort things out.  (Also make the whole thing a little less ventilated...)  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sewing Evangelism!

 I've gotten him hooked on clothes that fit!   We're starting with Halloween, but this guy is going to be doing all his own stuff soon enough.    (He now has is own pin cushion and fancy scissors and is currently eyeing his grandmother's sewing machine.) (AAAAAAAAAAaaand he is getting into fabrics and what sort is suitable for what garments, which makes him a lot of fun to take fabric shopping with me.)   (insert glee here)

Monday, October 13, 2014

punk rock grammy

 A couple of months ago my grandmother was complaining about people patting her on the shoulder everywhere she goes.   So, I bought her spikes.

friendly spikes - rounded points to inspire fear, rather than draw blood

I showed up with them this weekend, and in mere minutes, pointy, pointy spikes were all over her favorite sweater.  For the rest of the post, please, marvel at how pointy they are.

I also taught her how to 'rock on', which eventually lead to a discussion of anarchy and various other symbols.    The sweater remains anarchy -free.

One way or the other - I like to think the days of people patting her on the shoulder are over.  Because this is a lady who says 'hell no!' to the dementia of other people who can't seem to remember to keep their hands to themselves

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