Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a renfrew

strike a pose
 Renfrew!  finally!  yay!    I really see why everyone loves these - they sew up really easily and the finishes look great with very little effort.

The only problem I have is with fitting -- I made mine a combination of an 8 on top and a 10 on bottom, but according to the measurements, I would need to be a 4 in the middle, which was a little harsh to grade, so I let it hang loose.   So... its a little on the baggy side.

 the back is too... So I need to figure this out.  I have some ideas for taking chunks out.  I'm thinking a wedge in the back and maybe... maybe... darts in the front.  but that sort of defeats the simplicity.   So we shall see....

ALSO - me-made-may starts tomorrow.   I've signed up, but its not really that big a thing as there hasn't been a day in the past two weeks in which I haven't worn at least one thing I made (actually, I think its been over a month since I can come up with a day that wasn't at least partially me-made)   So, I'll be participating, and posting pictures, but its not really the challenge it is meant to be.   However, I'll be using it to help identify wardrobe gaps (mostly shirts, with a dash of I've-nearly-worn-through-my-pants)  and force me to change it up a bit as jeans and the turquoise fleece are pretty much my uniform when it is cold out.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

pink eyelet dress

 It is wearable!     Not technically done, as the interior is a mess and the facings are basted, etc...  but as long as it stayed all zipped up and nice, no one could tell.    I felt sneaky.

hop - front
The dress was "done" with several hours to spare before the wedding - the past few weeks have been stupid busy.   I'm glad I started this about a thousand years ago, or ... well, it's not like I don't have a closet full of other dresses, so I can't really say there would have been a problem.

hop - side!
 When I redo it, I need to lower the armholes a bit....  the right one in particular was cutting into my arm all evening.   Based on pictures, the back also seems to be pulling oddly... so I'll need to check that.  (Basically, I'm taking this thing back apart... but... it will be better the second time around)

hop - back
 However, despite all my fussing, it was fun to wear.   I love pockets.  It was a good length / width for dancing - so I could spin without flashing seated grandparents.    (My date wore a kilt, and not being used to paying attention to such things, he Marilyn Monroed over a particularly strong air conditioning vent)

hop - dance!

The wedding itself was lovely - and the couple got lucky with not only a gorgeous day, but the cherry blossoms in full bloom for their wedding pictures.

Bonus Cherry Blossoms!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

two steps forward, one step back

You'd think I'd have figured this out the first time I made this pattern, but somehow I needed to take over an inch off the bodice length to get it to sit properly.

Yes, I know - not much progress.  Things have been stupid busy lately.  But the wedding is on Saturday so I have to get this finished up soon.....

The plan is to sew up the side seams tonight (Wednesday), baste in the zipper and get the straps placed.    Then, if I can attach the lining tomorrow (Thursday) and sew in the zipper (I hand-pick.... so it takes a thousand years.  But I cannot for the life of me do a machine zipper properly), Then Friday I mark the hem and head down to the venue and Saturday morning I can sew up the hem.....    The wedding isn't until 3pm, so I've totally got time.




I have other dresses.  I will bring a back up.
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