Wednesday, November 26, 2014

in which I make good choices.

I'm probably about five hours from finishing both the sweater and the coat.   I *need* the coat, and yet I keep puttering away at the sweater.

Better pictures in that happy day when sunlight comes again.   Also pictures of all the stuff I've been making, but not blogging, due to lack of convenient garden for photography.   Must work on that....

Sunday, November 9, 2014

fancy fabrics

snazzy indigo ikat

Turns out there is a source for handwoven ikats (and quite a lot of other stuff that is wildly out of my price range) in town.   (Both wonderful and dangerous)  Yesterday, Mom and I went and checked it out - everything was gorgeous and for the most part, wildly out of my price range.      However, thanks to Mom the enabler, I have three and a half yards of a stunning indigo ikat that is going to become a sundress sometime very very soon, so that it can sit in my closet and mock me as long as possible.

purple cotton woven
There were also little end cuts, and I got myself a yard of this purple to turn into a shirt - I found last summer that my one woven/fitted tank top got the most use and was worn the moment it got out of the laundry, so me thinks I shall make several more.

The lady who runs this business has an online presence, and you can find her at Mekong River Textiles.  (I did not get paid, nor did I get a discount, I just think this is nifty stuff.)  Besides just being super snazzy fabrics, she works with local collectives to provide economic opportunities for local women other than prostitution.  Seems pretty win-win to me.
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