Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a wedding bolero

Long and incredibly rambling story short (its been a hell of a month) I made a bolero for my friend's wedding from the excess tulle of her dress.

look, she's all bride-tastic
We used the perfect shrug pattern, modified to work for a woven (if tulle counts as woven) rather than a knit, in fittings spanning 200 miles and four weeks.

We were both very pleased with how it came out -- but in the end she only wore it for about five minutes.   She also had a birdcage veil, and decided with it AND the bolero, she looked too encased - one had to go and she wanted to keep the veil.  Such is life.  But it turned out well and she was happy, which is really all that mattered.

She may have been trying to sign her marriage licence when I grabbed her.   I pick my moments well.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

First look at the Simplicity 1612/2580 hybrid

 I still need to hem it, but my lovely franken-pattern has come together nicely.

In fact, I'm more than a little smug with how its turned out, and plan more of these.   Now I need to convince the world that they are work-appropriate and then I can live in them all summer.

Check out the snazzy back - its hard to tell from the low-res, brightened pictures (I'll be getting nicer ones when its slightly warmer out) but there is a nifty twist detail on the back)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So very many things

Excuse the lack of real pictures.  I blame light, cold and the fact that I'm prepping to move and loosing my mind a little.  (New job, new city, happening in three weeks and no apartment lined up just yet.   Getting more than a little bit twitchy)

BUT THERE HAS BEEN SEWING!   Stress reduction through creativity!    But still, I've crapped out of getting good pictures

This dress is in progress and almost finished  - Its a frakenpattern using the bodice from 1612 and the skirt from 2580 - not much difference you think - except I didn't like the gathering in the center front of 1612, so rather than modify the pattern I snatched the skirt from the other.   Its coming along really well and only needs a hem.

I have a bolero made for stretch knits is in it's second muslin (but in static tulle, for my friend's wedding)   (Making things for people in a fabric that the pattern was not intended for when that person is 200 miles away is somewhat trying) (happily it has only two seams)
The perfect shrug pattern on burda style

A baby's dress is going to be made with cotton and lace for a christening next month.    However, the baby keeps growing.   I have measurements, but I'm going to put in some serious ease.    Babies are unreliable.
S2457 (view A, but with a lace overskirt and no tucks)

and my boyfriend has requested this, in lime seersucker for the end of June.  (Have I mentioned the now *7* weddings of the summer?   the poor man needs something other than wool.)

V8988 - with fun aliasing from the stripes!

Things are...busy.

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