Tuesday, January 28, 2014

more snowstorm sewing

I've been working away at the crinoline that's going to go under my new B5748, to give it the proper oomf.   Rather than going with anything fancy, I chose a quilting cotton I can toss in the wash between wears.  (I know this isn't a popular point of view, but I love clothing made of quilting cottons.  They are nice and solid, but still have a good drape)   

The crinoline is  fluffy and enormous, and not as ridiculous as it appears in this picture - I was fending off cats, while trying to take advantage of the early morning sunlight.    When its on, and is sitting normally, everything is even and lovely (and made of french seams!)  The fabric is a pale pink  (about halfway between how it appears in the two pictures) that reminds me of dessert.

And, because I really don't have enough going on, I decided I need a cowl, to fight off these ridiculous winds from my poor cold ears.   I also forgot I don't knit a foot a night, even with chunky yarn, so this may take a while...

I'd originally looked at patterns, but ended up just going with a 90 stitch, stockinette, in the round giant tube thing.  Stylish, no?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowstorm Sewing

Doesn't look like much, but it was over my ankles. 
This polar vortex thing means we keep getting snow and ridiculous temperatures, so clearly, its time for spring time sewing!

half way done B5748

I started another B5748 (actually, I started it around Christmas, and have worked on it in every storm since) and I have to say, I love this pattern more than I can say.     This fabric is much floppier than the first, so it will have to be worn with a crinoline (also in progress - but the light was terrible this evening, so pictures are forthcoming) but it came together very very easily.  The final version will have black trim around the neck, armholes and hem. 

The fabric isn't actually purple - its a shot cotton - hot pink and electric blue on the warp and the weft - so the dress actually changes colors as I walk around.   I love the effect (I'm not in anyway enthusiastic about this dress, hunh?)

ANNND its all finished in french seams.    (Basically I can't be bothered to rethread the serger -- creative laziness)   (and in total reaction to the unholy mess of an inside I left in the last dress, as I hate-sewed it.)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sweater Progress

Chugging along with my cardigan.

The left and right extended sections will be the front sides, while the lower clipped area in the center will eventually be the upper back.  

I'm not really following a pattern, (I've stolen bits from several, but am really just mucking around), so I'm not entirely sure how this is all going to come together (and I know the back is going to fit weird -- I may have experimented with shaping, it it may have ended up a little wonky) But it will be something - so, fingers crossed.  Toes too.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 In Review

Finished makes of 2013:
Nine dresses, two pairs of pants, one shirt, two hats, four costumes, one skirt and a patch-over

 One quilt, one coat and a solid handful of dresses.

General Thoughts on 2013:
last year I had 26 finished objects - this year were only 20 - not bad, but I think there were a few too many aborted attempts or items I lost interest in.   On the other hand, this year also included a major injury, some significant life changes and a hell of a lot of traveling, especially lately.  So I guess it evens out.

My primary goal for the year was to make a bra - Got through the muslin stage, but it has fallen into the great UFO pile and needs to be picked back up.   I also wanted to conquer knits, and with four knit dresses and two shirts, I'm feeling pretty good about them.

Both pairs of action jeans, blue many paneled dress, blue lace dress, corn costume and the new year's eve dress.

Plans for 2014: 
-Finish the damn coat (all it needs is trim and a zipper)
-Baby blanket for the Steglette  (current plan is a pink and blue mariner's compass)
-Umpteen zillion more dresses from stash fabric (because, really... I need more dresses)
-A couple more pairs of jeans (these I actually need)
-SHIRTS (really really need.)
-Generally using up as much of the stash as possible, while fabric and pattern stashing to the greatest degree possible.
-Taking better pictures - after all the time that goes into my makes, I'd like to do them justice.

*for anyone following closely, the black dress in the bottom row never got blogged.  Most of the pictures turned out weird and I'm waiting for sun and above freezing temperatures.*

The New Year's Dress

New Year's Resolution: Higher Resolution.   (As ever.  I crack me up.  But seriously, after spending so much time on things, I'd like to get nice pictures of them)

Anyhow - The dress!  It is finished and worn for New Year's Eve, and.... I actually really like it.   I wasn't expecting to at all - but after all that fuss I'm really pleased with how it came out.   (I may have been hate-sewing the dress, out of spite for the money I spent on materials, and didn't bother with any interior seam finishing.)  

The pattern ended up being a mix of three patterns, V1304 for the straps, V1174 for the bodice and B5350 for the skirt.  Surprisingly enough, the seams matched well and there was very little monkeying around to get everything meshed together.   I shorted the straps a bit, ditched the cap sleeves and removed all the interior structure from the bodice.   Otherwise, it as would be expected.

 spin spin spin

blue steel.

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