Sunday, April 28, 2013

Floaty dress!

When in doubt, assume I'm squinting.    Thanks to my excellent timing, all the pictures were taken on the roof at sunset, facing full west.  (I know.  A master of logistics and planning am I.)

However, the floaty-dress lives!  It even survived my dropping a sandwich on it mere minutes before these pictures were taken.  The fabric is some sort of synthetic something which absorbs nothing!*

 I'm very happy with how the dress turned out, and am thinking this summer will need more full-length, floaty options.    The question becomes, out of what fabric -- I'm still technically on a fabric fast (and have been doing rather well - this counts as a double stash bust, for both the dress and the slip) so I need to dig through what I have and see if I can make anything work.

Slip! With bonus cat, for visual interest

The slip was remarkably simple.   I traced out a somewhat fitted tank top and then extended the hip line to my knees.   I serged the sides, but otherwise it is unfinished and I always seems to end up rippling my hems, and I wanted this to lay as flat as possible.

I need to fix the straps, as they are self fabric and far to stretchy, but, its stays in place and generally does its job, so for the moment, I am satisfied.  (I am thinking more and more of getting a coverstitch machine.   I don't currently have space for one.... but someday... someday...)

*not normally a bonus, but in this case, it worked out rather well.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fixing the back of the floaty-frankendress

Not sure how, but in cutting out the fabric, I managed to royally screw up the back -- the original plan had it coming all the way up to my neck, making the whole thing solid and an excellent support for the neckline... somehow the pieces ended up too short and without the correct shaping (I must have not transferred something) so I chopped them off and started afresh.

I still needed to support the neckline somehow, so I drafted a yoke that would wrap around the back of my neck and hold everything together.   (I also ended up dropping the center back about an inch or so - with the round yoke, the square back really didn't work.

Resulting in my fancy pants new back yoke!   

All of the binding was done with strips of self fabric I made with masking tape.   I generally find floaty stuff impossible to cut properly (probably part of what happened to the original back) and using the tape stabilized it enough to let me cut it without frustration.

Full pictures of the dress when I hem it - also that whole making a slip thing.  The dress is... rather transparent.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

prepping for the floaty franken-dress of summer

the resultant muslin
sources of the frankenpattern

For whatever reason, I fell back in love with floor-length skirts over the winter (possibly because I was cold) and particularly liked the fit of the mesh skirt.   I decided it was clearly also meant to be a dress and started going through my patterns for a top, when I realized the princess seam slip was actually a really good match.  The seams already lined up, and both already fit me.

So, I marked where on the slip the waistband of the skirt hit me, lay the patterns on top of each other and traced out a new set for a franken-dress.  With only a slight bit of adjustment, the muslin came out remarkably well.   The fit of the skirt wasn't quite as nice as that of the original skirt.... but, I was still happy enough with the result.   I made one major change (which, inevitably, doesn't show up in the picture) - instead of going straight back over my shoulders, the neckline is more triangular and wraps around my neck - leaving the back entirely covered.

I have it all cut out (and more or less put together -- it needs binding and hemming and an alteration at the neck I'll talk about when I've figured it out) of this sot of polka-splotched material.  The fiber content is a mystery (I never got around to a burn test) but my guess is polyester.  It frays like there is no tomorrow and is a bit of a pain, but I like the pattern and the floatyness, and I think it was all of a dollar a yard.  (AND! it is a stashbuster!)

Due to the totally transparent nature of the fabric, I'm also going to need a slip.  I dug through all the stretch materials I'd ordered back when I was trying to make my own arm braces, and grabbed this one. The picture doesn't do it justice, but its pretty close to the color of my skin and won't fight the pattern of the dress. (Double stashbust!)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sewing Propaganda from the '40s

Glorious sewing propaganda from the '40s.

also, it's that time again:

 I, Allison of A Fabric Fixation, sign up as a participant of Me-made-May '13. 
I shall endeavor to wear at least one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2013.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The opposite of bopping about

Well, so much for the wacky changes to the blog.    I think I'd need to spend more time actually playing with HTML to get what I want.

Anyhow... sewing?  yeah.   So, I mentioned a little while ago that I screwed up my knee... well, its still not playing nice and it turns out I stand a *lot* when I sew (fittings, tracking things down, moving between surfaces, you name it) so there hasn't been much going on.   Most of my sewing is theoretical and revolves around how I could get away with flouncing about in things like this on a regular basis.
Sheer and white, with a train --- not sure how it could get more impractical.

On a slightly more practical note, I seem to have developed a thing for ruffles and layers.
seems to be from a Burda preview that has escaped

The Burda skirt really looks like a regular A-line with a rectangular layer plopped on top.   I've gotten it in my head that is *must* be dove gray cotton gauze, which of course I cannot find.  So, we shall see.   Perhaps light weight regular cotton....

The other skirt is actually a children's pattern from Violet Fields Threads, but I rather like the concept. It also looks fairly simple to create, with an A-line base with a few layers of ruffles (at least in front) and a cut-away wrap skirt on top.

As we all know, a crinoline is standard part of one's daily outfit these days.....   nonetheless, I love the layering of the colors, with the bright inside and the muted outer fabric.   Something like this may have to occur as well.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mucking about with the blog

The old layout started to bug me, so I'm re-doing things, although I'm not sure I like this current set-up.  Comments and criticism would be most welcome. 

I find I like having all the other blogs I follow visible without extra clicking - both because I'm lazy and never set up a reader and because I like to see what other people follow to see what catches my interest....    Thoughts?

(Everything is on the side-bar, mouse over and it will pop up)
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