Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a bit of progress on the shell

Well, I'm about a quarter of the way through the shell.   It may look like more, but at the moment everything is only basted in place.   I'm trying to couture-ify this coat (purely for my own amusement) and marked the seam lines rather than the seam allowances - which are all over the place.   Due to the slippy nature of the plasticy ultrex coating, I was worried pins wouldn't hold it in place on the sewing machine, and took Susan Khalje's advice and basted away.

The tricky part - i.e the zippers - pit, pocket and arm -- is still to come.  Also the stealth pockets I intend to hide beneath storm flaps.  Think happy thoughts.

Its a bit hard to see -- but the red lines are the seam lines and the blue/black lines are the wonky seam allowances 

Because of the waterproof nature of the fabric, I didn't use pins -- just pattern weights -- and could trace directly onto the fabric with markers  (I found dry erase worked best, oddly enough)

This was the final muslin, which has long since been taken apart and used for pattern pieces - but it shows where I'm headed with the shell.

I'm going to be documenting this process more than usual, so get ready for pocket-induced insanity.

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