Tuesday, November 13, 2012

watermelon sewing case

I've had a yard of watermelon fabric kicking around my stash for at least a two years now, waiting to be the lining of *something* -- considering how little I used, there are many more somethings in it's future -- but back to the topic at hand.   I decided it might be nice to actually start something from scratch for my stash bust, and I'd been throwing around the idea of a tool taco of my own for a little while now.   Now, add in that I wanted thread to fit and popped in the elastic without really thinking of what this would do to the shape and the fact that I had a fever going to whole time... and we can see that it ended up going a little overboard. However, it works really nicely and will be an excellent travel kit, so horray and huzzah!  Like the original tool taco, this one has a layer of foam between the outer layer (codura) and the inner layer (cotton) for protection.   I also lined the scissor pocket with codura so that I wouldn't be able to push them right through and ruin it first time out.

From the side it looks all nice and even and cute -- but from the top you can see the utter wonkiness.  Not only did I blatantly not measure (fever) I even noticed it was off part way through, and just kind of tugged on it for a minute, expecting it to all work out properly in the end (definitely the fever)

c'est la vie.  (4/15)

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