Monday, March 4, 2013

More Action Jeans!

 More action-jeans!  And this time with better pictures!   I actually finished these a week ago, but am having camera issues again, so I had to wait for my lovely assistant to stop traveling around the country.

super duper action shot!

Like the first pair, these have a crotch-gussset (fun fact:   CGs are what let Chuck Norris do round-house kicks in Walker Texas Ranger)

I'm an absolute convert - by cutting the gusset on the cross grain, it adds SO much movement to the pants.

I've yet to encounter proper pocketing, so as usual, I used random scraps from old projects for pretty pockets.

Interestingly enough, Kel really liked the festive pockets and has requested I do something similar in the hem of the next pair of pants, for unexpected pops of color.   What with summer coming up, I think I might do something fun in the way of capris.

However, my very favorite part of the pants is the 8 (yes, 8!) belt loops.  My belt cannot escape.  Ever.  (Although, little frayed bits can -- its been through the wash once already and it seems needed a bit of a trim...)

For anyone keeping track, these (and other other jeans) are both part of my massive stash bust.   As of right now I am at 11!     2(jeans) + 3 (pillows - unblogged) + 1(corset) + 1(cap) + 1(watermelon sewing case)+ 1(princess slip) + 1(skirt refashion) + 1 (elf slippers)   and I still have three giant tubs of fabric....

Also - Happy My Birthday!  (March Fourth!   ::marches forth::)


  1. Great jeans and Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Yay action jeans and crotch gussets!! They look great. And I'll all about festive pockets.
    Happy belated birthday, Allison!

  3. Fantastic jeans! So sorry I missed your birthday, hope there was lots of cakes and fun and frolics!


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