Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sewing with a plan

For possibly the first time ever, I made a list of sewing projects - and then completed all of them, in order.

dress, suit, christening gown, wedding bolero

This never happens.   In fact, it only happened because most of them were for other people. Which also *never* happens.   (My typical response to "Will you make me something?" is "No, but I'll teach you and you can make it yourself."    I find this shuts most people up, and only two people have ever taken me up on this.     If they are particularly persistent and push, I start quoting rates of $100 an hour, and tell them even a sundress will take about 15 hours.    That always shuts them up.   I like to sew for *me*)

However, these were all for a particularly special group of people, with a special set of life events.  (Except Greg, who I wanted to not die of heat-stroke.  But he is special anyway.)

Anyhow, here comes the next plan, with a lot of the same faces.  First, there is something for me, then we have Amanda's wedding present dress and a shirt for Greg's birthday.   Then, maybe, I can get back to my selfish, hermity ways.  

Anyhow, coming up we have Simplicity 2451 - view A (except floor length)

It's currently in progress, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures.    I always get a kick out of swishy skirts.

Monetas for both me and Amanda:
When we were discussing what she wanted as a wedding present, she sent me a picture of a knit dress her friend had just had made - sweetheart neckline, gathered skirt (but - and I'm not linking to the picture) really badly made.    (I admit to being a total snot)  Anyhow, cruising around the internet I came upon the Moneta - knit, gathered skirt, pockets, and I figured I could wrangle a sweetheart into the scooped neck.   Clearly, this was meant to be.  (And I want one too....)

And the shirt for Greg - V8889:

(He is particularly excited about arms that are long enough, without the body being enormous.    He is also planning to learn to sew, as he has seen how much of my time it takes to make him these things.   It seems his grandmother has an old sewing machine she doesn't use anymore, so I in a couple months I'm hoping there will be a Greg-made item or two gracing the blog.)

Only real problem is he doesn't like covered button-plackets, as they require extra ironing....  I I need to figure out how to deal with that.   (I will say this for menswear - it is taking me out of my comfort zone and I'm learning a lot of new things.)   


  1. Sleeves that are long enough are one of my favourite things about sewing, ever! I made that Vogue shirt for my husband last summer and really liked it, although I increased the waist shaping quite a bit. The covered button placket really hasn't been a problem ironing-wise, but it would also be super easy to omit. :) good job getting plans actually done!

    1. oooh - I will go back and look for your post on it. thanks!


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