Monday, October 13, 2014

punk rock grammy

 A couple of months ago my grandmother was complaining about people patting her on the shoulder everywhere she goes.   So, I bought her spikes.

friendly spikes - rounded points to inspire fear, rather than draw blood

I showed up with them this weekend, and in mere minutes, pointy, pointy spikes were all over her favorite sweater.  For the rest of the post, please, marvel at how pointy they are.

I also taught her how to 'rock on', which eventually lead to a discussion of anarchy and various other symbols.    The sweater remains anarchy -free.

One way or the other - I like to think the days of people patting her on the shoulder are over.  Because this is a lady who says 'hell no!' to the dementia of other people who can't seem to remember to keep their hands to themselves


  1. That was sweet of you.

    What happened with the cats' chair?

    1. didn't quite finish it in time, so pillows were strategically propped to cover pins. Now its at the back of the queue, as halloween is rapidly descending upon us

  2. That is fantastic! Love the spikes :)


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