Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miniature Muslin for VPLL 5941

My coat is done - but the weather is not cooperating - lots of rain, wind and clouds (good coat weather - lousy time for photography) so pictures will come eventually - but for now - on to the next!

VPLL 5941

We've been invited to a Great Gatsby themed new year's eve party - so clearly, I needed a new dress.  I decided to go with the  Fishtail Evening Gown from (I think) 1928.   Its a reprint of a vintage pattern with original instructions (or lack thereof) and a modern tutorial.    The tutorial is somewhat better, but still pretty confusing.   I couldn't even make a muslin, since I still couldn't tell how the skirt came together - so I decided to do a miniature version to save fabric while I sorted it out.

I promise, this is the front
I know it doesn't look like anything much - not the least because the scraps I used were fairly sturdy cotton - but it allowed me to sort out how the seams come together.   There are a couple on the side hip that never get mentioned that are massively confusing when laying out the pattern and much easier to see when one is actually manipulating the fabric.   

100% the back
 The back is pretty tricky, as sewing it together involves flipping it wrong side, right side, wrong side, right side, fold, tuck and sew.   However, with some time, it comes together fairly well (yes, I know the cotton doesn't look like anything but  wad of handkerchiefs - but just go with it.  This was an illuminating learning experience and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to figure out this pattern.)

skirt, under the back flare
 For anyone who is unfamiliar, the vintage pattern lending library is (for my purposes at least) a store carrying direct reproductions of original patterns, going from 1850 to 1959.   From what I understand, actual members can borrow patterns, but I don't do enough vintage for it to make sense to join - however, it is a lovely resource to have available.  (I've been mooning over this pattern for years and finally had a reason to get it.)

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