Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zipping right along


I decided to go with zippered pockets.  They match the style of the hood/pocket/combo AND they mean that when I fling my coat around (because I'm a graceful lady like that) my things will stay in my pockets.

pocket bags! with bonus toes.
The pocket bags were drafted directly off the main coat pattern - huge side pockets and a little breast pocket - which will mostly store lipbalm, but can fit my phone if it needs too.   (I have an enormous case - re: the general gracefulness that is me.)   

zoomed in pocket detail - complete with snazzy orange top stitching

 The hood is also ready and set to be attached to the whole shebang.   It is lined in thinsulate and quite toasty and comfy to wear round on its own.  I switched it from  two piece hood to what would be  three piece hood if I had a large enough piece of fabric left over after I'd decided the snazzy top stitching would look better in a pair, rather than in  single line down the center.  

poking through its snazzy zippper

Also, after reading upteen thousand blog posts on this jacket, I read a lot of complaints about the interior seams of the hood becoming visible, so I stuck an extra piece of lining onto the interior, which will encapsulate it from all the other seams.

electric blue lining!

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